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Advisory Committee

Advisory Committee members help guide development of the West Region Blueway & Trail System by providing local insights and perspectives into project goals. They also represent their community’s and/or organization’s interests in planning discussions.

Advisory Committee Meeting Materials

Materials from Advisory Committee meetings are posted below. Click the links to view materials.


January 30, 2024

This meeting focused on the shared-use trail portion of the West Region Blueway & Trail System. After providing a brief project update, project team representatives shared conceptual shared-use route alignments and discussed them with Advisory Committee members. Exhibits shared at the meeting are provided below.

Typical Sections

Typical Facility Types

Western Hamilton County Asset Map

Advisory Committee Members: Please send comments and questions regarding this meeting to Sean Creighton.

October 12, 2023

At this meeting, project team representatives shared a summary of public input received to date and project development progress updates with Advisory Committee members. Committee members and the project team also reviewed and discussed preliminary concepts for the shared-use trail. Notes from this discussion are provided on the Project Area Map and Notes, linked below.

Meeting Presentation

Project Area Map and Notes

Map Legend


June 15, 2023

At this meeting, project team representatives introduced the West Region Blueway & Trail System and discussed project concepts and the master plan development process with Advisory Committee members. 

Meeting Presentation

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