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West Region Blueway & Trail System

Access the wide-open waterways and scenic landscapes of western Hamilton County and Find Your Wild  like never before.

Great Parks is leading the development of a master plan for the West Region Blueway & Trail System, a new initiative to bring people closer to nature and remove barriers to the natural world by expanding opportunities for water and land-based adventure in western Hamilton County.

Join us as we prepare to bring the West Region Blueway & Trail System from concept to reality.

A bicyclist riding on a shared-use path

Spanning Hamilton County from north to south and encompassing two rivers, four Great Parks, and many spaces in between, the West Region Blueway & Trail System will enable residents and visitors to bike, hike, walk, paddle and learn along 36 miles of river corridor. Trails on land and in the water will travel from vibrant communities to spectacular wilderness areas.

This map highlights the rivers, parks and communities in western Hamilton County that will be connected by the West Region Blueway & Trail System.

Two kayakers paddling down a river

What is a blueway?

A blueway, or water trail, is a network of connected waterways featuring managed access points, clear signage, and recreational amenities for canoeists, kayakers, and other paddlers to enjoy.

Two bicyclists riding on a shared-use path

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About Great Parks

Great Parks is the regional leader in conservation and nature-based experiences in Southwest Ohio. With over 18,000 acres, 25 miles of river frontage, and 22 parks and conservation areas, our Big Lands offer abundant options for guests to find their wild. Great Parks removes barriers to the natural world and offers the opportunity for everyone to experience the power of wild with the promise of well. 

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