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People enjoying a shared-use trail

About the Shared-Use Trail

The Shared-Use Trail

The West Region Blueway & Trail System’s shared-use trail will travel along the Great Miami River corridor from Hamilton County’s northern border to the Ohio River. When complete, this new community asset will provide at least 25 new trail miles dedicated to bicycling, running, walking, and other forms of non-motorized travel.

As part of the master planning effort, we’re evaluating possible routes for the shared-use path and trailhead locations. We’re focusing on alignment alternatives that:

  • Allow users to enjoy the changing landscapes of western Hamilton County

  • Maximize accessibility for all users

  • Create new connections between attractions in our parks and in the surrounding communities

A bicyclist riding on a shared-use trail

We’re also looking for opportunities to connect with other existing and proposed trail networks throughout the region such as the Great Miami Riverway and Ohio River Way as well as trails in Great Parks’ Miami Whitewater Forest, Mitchell Memorial Forest, and Shawnee Lookout. This will allow trail users to create a wide variety of trip lengths with routes that follow the West Region shared-use trail and link with other trails along the way.  

Partnering for Success

Great Parks will manage the construction and maintenance of the shared-use trail located on park land. However, portions of the trail will also pass through four Hamilton County townships (Crosby, Colerain, Miami, and Whitewater) and a number of communities, both large and small. Partnering with these local communities and nearby landowners during the planning process is one of our top priorities for establishing a connected system that benefits all the areas through which it will travel.

People studying a map as part of the master plan development process
A couple walking along a paved shared-use trail


Planning for the West Region shared-use trail will continue through 2024. At that time, attention will turn towards securing funding and developing construction strategies. It’s expected that the shared-use trail will be completed in phases as funding becomes available. 

Join Us!

To participate in the planning process, join us at an open house, a pop-up event or take our survey. Planned events are listed on our Participate page. You’re also welcome to share comments and suggestions any time by contacting us.
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