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Families and friends canoeing down the Great Miami River


The West Region Blueway & Trail System will be transformational to the region. Engaging with the community throughout the process will ensure its development and features are in alignment with community needs.


To gather this input, we’re planning many opportunities to involve community members in the planning process. These include organizing an Advisory Committee, hosting focus groups and public meetings (in-person and virtual), conducting surveys, and sharing information at pop-up booths at local community events. 


Feedback received throughout this process will be used to help guide development of the West Region Blueway & Trail System’s master plan.

People participating in Great Parks' master plan development process
People listening to a presentation about the West Region Blueway & Trail System

Upcoming Opportunities

Information about previous and upcoming public input opportunities are posted below. Be sure to check back often as new opportunities will be posted as they are scheduled.

Past Opportunities


In April and May 2024, we hosted a series of localized meetings focused on preliminary alignment concepts for the West Region Blueway & Trail System’s shared-use trail. These small-group meetings were opportunities for property owners, businesses, and representatives of communities located along or in near proximity to the preliminary alignments to ask questions and provide their input. Feedback gathered is being used to further develop recommended trail alignments.

Meeting Notes

Meeting Presentation

Shared Use Trail Map

Segment Maps



On July 13, 2023, we held an In-Person Open House to share information about the West Region Blueway & Trail System with the Hamilton County community and our neighbors. We had great participation and gathered a lot of good information and ideas about system features and amenities from those who attended. We were also delighted to see so much enthusiasm for the project! Below are a few photos from the event.





People discussing launch sites at a Great Parks public meeting
Great Parks team records comments heard at a public meeting
Public at a Great Parks public meeting

Between June 26, 2023 and August 7, 2023, we conducted a Virtual Open House & Survey. Similar to the July 13 In-Person Open House event, our goal was to share information about the West Region Blueway & Trail System with the public and gather input regarding proposed features and possible amenities. Although the Virtual Open House & Survey site is now closed to comments, you can still visit, review the information shared and see some of the input we collected.

A report summarizing input received during the July 13 Public Open House Event and the Virtual Open House & Survey is provided below.

Public Input Summary Report

Appendix A - Meeting Materials

Appendix B - Notification Materials 

Appendix C - Comments Received and Responses to Questions Received

Additional Input

​Our project team welcomes your thoughts and ideas anytime about the trail system! If you have comments to share outside of any of the input opportunities highlighted above, please use our Contact Us form to share them with us.  

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