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Great Parks Master Plans

Great Parks’ Comprehensive Master Plan (CMP) and Parks and Facilities Master Plan are a driving force behind the development of the West Region Blueway & Trail System. 

2019 Comprehensive Master Plan

Developed through an inclusive and thorough community planning process, the 2019 CMP set the vision for our parks, facilities, programming, and services through 2028 and identified eight priorities for implementation:

  • Build more trails

  • Add programming and events for diverse audiences

  • Provide access to conservation areas

  • Establish a defined blueway system

  • Focus on partnerships

  • Build ecological resiliency and sustainability

  • Expand access for all users

  • Plan for the future of every park


The West Region Blueway & Trail System embodies all of these priorities, but most particularly, building more trails and establishing a blueway system. 

Park and Facility Master Plans

Developed in close consultation with Great Parks staff, stakeholders, and the broader community, the Park and Facility Master Plans dive into the details that will ensure the CMP’s recommendations are reflected in the operation and physical design of all parks and facilities. They also identify specific improvements that will enable each park to fulfill the CMP’s goals and priorities. 

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